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The Upheaval - Vomits of Hate

Black metal has truly taken the worlds stage. Bands from all different countries have started emulating the familiar sound. All of them have put their own little twist on the traditional music once created in Norway. Music once synonymies with the icy tundra and foggy mountains of Norway has found it’s way to places that have never seen ice or snow. The Upheaval is a black metal combo coming all the way from Turkey. The bands 2011 Vomits of Hate EP, also known as Vomits Of Hate, is a visceral, ferocious, and irate collection of four great songs. For the first time I think, ever, the bass is really showcased in a black metal band. Everything that is played on the bass is song serving. It is not flashy or needlessly excessive. But it is very present in the mix. It almost takes the lead. The vocals are the loudest part and the singer Damnare is a perfect black metal vocalist. The only part that suffers slightly is the drums. They could stand to have a livelier sound to them. There is some very interesting song writing here, particularly on the songs Vomits Of Hate and Obey The Beast. Both show that this group has the creative potential to grow into something more than a standard black metal band. This demo might sound a little familiar, but give it a chance. This EP might sound a little like 1349, but is that really a bad thing?




1. Falsehood Castle

2. Rebirth as a Sinner

3. Vomits of Hate

4. Obey the Beast




C.A. – Vocals
Ö.T. – Guitars/Drums/Bass/Back Growls



Rating: 8 out of 10


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