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The Shiva Hypothesis is a Blackened Death Metal band hailing from the Netherlands. The bands has been together since 2012 and this is their first release. Promo 2015 is a 3 song demo from this 4 piece. And you bet you will surprised while listening to the demo.


The quality of this demo is awesome. It is really clear and you can hear all the sounds they are intending you to hear. The vocalist is amazing he does different forms of vocal styles which is great. He will go from high to low and even growls in there. The guitars are very fast and blend in perfect with bassist. However neither of them are over powering the other. You will definitely start banging your head while listening to this demo. The drums and other effects in this demo are perfect. Sometimes you can’t hear the effects, but not here. And drums aren’t too loud but just enough for it have a great sound. I cannot wait to hear a full length album from these guys. Definitely check them out.




1. Caduceus

2. Praedormitium

3. Maze of Delusion




ML – Bass/Additional Vocals

BN – Drums/Additional Vocals

JB – Guitars/ Additional Vocals

MvS – Vocals


Rating: 9.5 out of 10








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