The Sarcophagus Review

The Sarcophagus

Beyond this World’s Illusion

9 Track Album

Satanath Records

Release Date: 4th April 2017

By: Pagan Hel

The Sarcophagus – Ankara, Turkey


Mastered – Necromorbus Studio (Swe)

Cover Art – Paolo Girardi

Genre: Black Metal


This is typically a black metal outfit no more no less with its hearty chunks of seething metal that really rips you a new one! The strides it takes rampage and attack with utter menace. The good thing about it is that it also holds a chugging melodic content that you can latch on to, and the vocals are superbly gnarly and nasty. This track will devour you whole and lives up to its name of Reign of Chaos.

Ain Sof sounds like the vocalist is gargling and gurgling and in fact, he is but it is such a sweet and delicious sound for the well-trained ear of an extreme metal head. The more putrid the vocals the more I like it anyway! I love the vengeance and rebellion attached to it and the music that surrounds it all makes for a superb listening experience.

Dymadiel is harsh and unyielding just as you would expect it to be with no hidden surprises along the way just a black magic ill-intent and bludgeoning blast beats. This track could summon the devil in seconds!

The Profanity Rites slows things down and provides a more levelled path on which the track stands but it is growing darker by the second, accompanied by flourishing riffs and dark shadowy roars that sound evil and nothing short of demonic!

Sapremia of Earthly Creatures really kicks the pace up a notch and delves into the unknown creating a whirlpool of madness as its storm brews up choking smoke and energy that would keep a nuclear plant in business for a lifetime! The harshness of its melodic rhythmical infection is far reaching!

Triumphant Divine Terror is a major track that gathers all its force and energy and turns it into a blinding rage of pure terror as it covers the unhallowed ground. The insane wickedness is fuelled by a frantic rhythm that is never ending.

Armoured Death the hellish notes continue along with the devilish screeching blackened vocal that spews out utter filth and darkness and as a siren screams the torment worsens and leaves a trail of ash in its wake where its large footprints have been – there is no escaping this mighty beast at any cost!

Flaming Key to Divine Wisdom meanders for a brief time. The vocal bleakness cuts and leaves its bleeding marks on tender flesh while the music rips deep crevasses in the senses knocking you into a confused void of madness.

Apocalyptic Beast the beast is out of the bag so to speak! Witnessing this album first hand I have seen the destruction it can do and it isn’t a pretty sight. The potency is strong, and it will punish its victims in such an unusual way it will be remembered for a long time.

This is one black magical album that deserves respect as it will put a curse on you if you don’t!






Track List:

Reign of Chaos

Ain Sof


The Profanity Rites

Sapremia of Earthly Creatures

Triumphant Divine Terror

Armoured Death

Flaming Key to Divine Wisdom

Apocalyptic Beast




Mørkbeast – Vocals

Burak Sümer – Guitar/Synthesiser

Ozan Yıldırım – Bass

Oktay Fıstık (Session) – Drums

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