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The Pete Flesh Deathtrip

Mortui Vivos Docent”


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Biography: The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, consists, of one member, Pete Flesh, who has had many past band connections, in fact, 8 bands.


Label: Pulverised Records

Additional Information: NONE


Fallen Bliss

Grabs one by the throat immediately, showcasing talent with driving track of death metal, with savage sequences of blackened metal and this pushes the track to the next level of intensity, near levels of Dissection.


The Eternal Dawn

Starts a tad slow, with more instrumental opening, that tends not to repeat the same riffs yet lend to an eerily element of a marching army, for about a minute and forty-five seconds, and then kicks into ghoulish vocals, harkens to black furious metal.


Crave the Fire

The intensity of metal returns with a dominating force with the guitars leading, then the vocals returning to more death, than the black, and that fits well for the track full of thrash hints.


The Suicide End

The atmospheric portion of the track starts early and with a nod to the ancient concepts in the lyrics, and though the title suggests dark depress from a doom band, the music tends to drift to a powerful uplift, with occasional growls not to lose the listeners.


Burning Darkness

There’s no way to describe this track properly, as the viciousness conjuring spreads quickly with multiple tempos and musical changes almost if two different versions of the track howl out, and yet blend perfectly together.


Raven’s Reborn

This track truly perks the ears up, and announces a varied of tempo, especially mid-way thru the track with guitars and this perhaps truly sways the entire album, in a different direction, showing that no straight forward tiresome path will lead the listeners.


God of the Crawling Whore

This track contains some influence from 1980s’ Slayer, the verbal and musical assault shows the passion for the craft and to the history of the genre, and allows the fans to revisit the past without missing the tones of black metal reigning supremely. Noting tad more than halfway through the music drops down and lingers into a perfect conclusion to the track.



An extremely deep bass track to start, and continues with black metal vocals mixed a haunting gothic tone underneath, in a whisper format, as journey enraptures the listeners, and never lets go, a solid track, likely the most different track on the album and the quickest.


Recycle My Death

This track, echoes back to the past of death metal with black vocals, the music, digs in deep and enhances intensity, with incredible riffs and melodic close-out that reminds the audience of the legendary band DEATH!



The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, [TPFD] (formerly known as Flesh) was a refreshing music listening adventuring, while some in the genre of Death and more so Black Metal find a rut, the same style repeated over and over, TPFD, mixes the tempo, and generates the blending of both genres, to wonderful pitches. Now this is not old-school death, nor revisited to Darkthrone’s early days, but is not a sell-out, rather extremely aggressive and for a project of a one-man band rewarding fans with hails to death and yet opens the jaws of black metal to devour the weak who cannot handle this album.




1. Fallen Bliss

2. The Eternal Dawn

3. Crave the Fire

4. The Suicide End

5. Burning Darkness

6. Raven’s Reborn

7. God of the Crawling Whore

8. Bleed

9. Recycle My Death




Peter “Pete Flesh” Karlsson – Vocals/ Guitars/ Bass

Micke Broberg – Session Musician – Vocals/ Lyrics

Andreas Jonsson – Session Musician – Drums

Cecilia Bjärgö – Session Musician – Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Baron Craze

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