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The Obscene Machine - The Obscenity Within

Arms of wire, blades as fingers, eyes an asphalt hue, take your value from my fear, the venom in me is you”


The Obscene Machine are a brutal Death metal band from Ireland with definite Grindcore influences, sharing the length of their blistering tracks with bands like Napalm Death, the entire nine song release “The Obscenity Within” clocks in at right around fifteen minutes. Both on their Facebook page and their official website the band members names aren’t listed and they only identify themselves as operatives 1,2,3 and 4. However they do share that the band is made up of former members of the bands Condemned, Hexxed, Overoth, and Zombified. To further the air of mystery they have created around themselves the band only appear and perform publicly behind masks. And let me say that the masks are very awesomely dark and evil looking, like a cross between darth vader’s mask and a welding helmet.


I absolutely love these guys and their obvious old school death metal roots. And the fact that they are Irish and I am also part Irish endears them to me even more. For fans of Cannibal Corpse I would highly recommend this group of collective noise mongers. I’ve watched some videos of their live performances and this is one band you would not want to miss seeing if they’re ever in your area. One of the quotes on their site is “Hatred finally has a sound” and I definitely agree with them on that one, their sound is very heavy and fast drum driven with sick death/black metal vocals.


If there is not a huge buzz around this band yet, then I think there definitely should be and probably will be. Their hate filled anthems will help both you and them express your collective anger towards the world and serve as an outlet to let off some of the pressures of everyday life. If you come in from work and it’s one of those days and someone pissed you off royally then put in “The Obscenity Within” and let it all out man. That is part of what music is there for right?


The opening track is called ‘Descent’ and will make you feel like crushing a beer can with your forehead it is so fast, brutal and furious. Track number 2 is a definite stand out with its “fuck you” lyrics and ferocious intensity. ‘Infinite Intolerance’ with it’s low death growling vocals and blistering drum tracks will get your blood and your fist pumping for sure. ‘Venom In The Blood’ is the fourth track on this release and the lyrics at the beginning of this review were taken from this venomous hate spewing audio assault. Track number 5 ‘Obscenity Within’ comes groove laden and ready to make a devils horn sign out of both your fists and includes a very Slayer like but brief guitar solo. ‘Unrelenting’ is song 6 and has a very thrash influenced sound to it. ‘Structures Of The Wretched’ is track number 7 and delivers more of the same but slightly crunchier and anthem sounding than the others. Number 8 ‘Father Vermin/Mother Whore’ is truly obscene and explosive in it’s death/grind/black metal delivery. And finally closing out “The Obscenity Within” we have a little track titled ‘In The Company Of Reformed Cruelty’ and this blistering track sounds refined in the fires of hate and leaves us wanting more tracks to follow from these mysterious Irish death masters.


I love death metal, I love my Irish roots, I love me some grindcore, therefore I have to say that I love this Obscene Machine in all of its furious hate filled glory.




1. Descent

2. Napalm Orchid

3. Infinite Intolerance

4. Venom in the Blood

5. Obscenity Within

6. Unrelenting

7. Structures of the Wretched

8. Father Vermin/Mother Whore

9. In the Company of Reformed Cruelty




Operative 1 – Vocals
Operative 2 – Guitar/Vocals
Operative 3 – Bass/Vocals
Operative 4 – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Soul Torn Down

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