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The Negation - Paths of Obedience

France has decided to try flexing its black metal muscle and give us one hell of an amazing black metal band. The Negation is a fantastic, inventive, and fierce black metal band. Their 2013 debut album titled Paths of Obedience is an astonishing journey though the darkness. This is an epic, sweeping, and moving album that hits hard and leaves an incredible impression on the listener. This brutal five-piece band has crafted a black metal album that beats you over the head with its subtlety and its atmosphere. It gives the listener a grave feeling as it blasts you into the abyss. This is a powerhouse album that is never not maxed out, and thus would be the only minor misstep that Paths of Negation has. The relentless pressure this album puts you though does take its toll. The album is exhausting. It never lets you breath. Still, Paths of Obedience is a remarkable experience that easily ranks up with the masters of black metal. This is The Negation’s first album. What a way to start for this amazing band.




1. Intro

2. Red Wrath

3. Erased

4. One God

5. Lost for Ever

6. Last Rites

7. The Garden of Extasy

8. Heels

9. In Agony

10. Outro




Agarash – Bass

Thanatoath – Guitars

A.S.A. – Vocals

Romain – Drums

Nesh – Guitars



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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