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The Modern Age Slavery - Requiem for Us All



This Italian monster ensemble exhibit a mighty anthology of technique balanced out by a good measure of brutality in this release. The music is well arranges, the track flow from beginning to end without hiccups. Despite the genre, one can easily listen to it from end to end without tiring, for the songs are decent in length.

I’m particularly intrigued on how the tracks are named, for they show quite a poetic element. Even so, I’m not too keen on how two tracks had similar titles and somehow I had a hard time to find the musical connection, but that’s just me since the serve as a good opening and closing of the album. Sepultura’s Arise cover is good, arranged to reflect the band’s uniqueness while still giving their due tribute to the Death Metal giants.

The production is exquisite. Everything is well balanced. Even the occasional multiple vocals are not drowning the other sounds and the same goes for the spoken excerpts. The bass drops are well modeled too, without being overly throbbing and any hissing highs were cleaned out.

I’m not sure what going on the album cover. It reminded me of War of the Worlds combined with some lovecraftian horror for good measure. It’s a good digital work though and reflects the albums energy, technicality and brutality.

Will I listen to it again? Death Metal is not my favorite sub-genre, but I could make an exception to this one. It’s well written musically and it sounds amazing as well. Now if they only launch one I their native language…




1. Requiem For Us All

2. The Dawn Prayer

3. Obedience

4. The Silent Death of Cain

5. Ivory Cage

6. Opiate for the Masses

7. Slaves of Time

8. Icon of a Dead World

9. Requiem To My Nation

10. Arise (Sepultura Cover)

Best track is #4




Giovanni “Gio” Berserk – Vocals
Luca “X-Coc” Cocconi – Guitars
Simone “Sym” Bertozzi – Guitars
Mirco “Mibbe” Bennati – Bass

Rating: 9 out of 10



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