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The Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble was founded by Angelus on the 19th of December 2011, commencing the creation of a concept involving two adamant purposes; a musical and an ideological purpose, whereby the two complement and strengthen each other.


Musically, the Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble wants to take the Metal genre somewhere it has not been before and introduce something entirely new and unseen into it; military-style music. The chronology of the Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble can therefore be described as a slow yet determined revolution, initially demonstrating a militaristic type of Metal, to ultimately arrive at the creation of actual Military Metal. The ‘Endeavour’ debut album attempts to build the bridge between the separated realms of Metal and military music, bringing the Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble one step closer to the fulfillment of its musical purpose. This revolution towards the fully-developed Military Metal style shall likely see its accomplishment in the year 2012.


Yet for all that, music would be hollow without the power of ideology to reinforce it. Ever the Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble attempts to invoke a strong philosophical message in its music and verses. The core thought of this is the eternal battle between the Powers of Light and the Power of Darkness. However, in the Malperdy vision, neither Power can be labeled as ‘good’ or ‘evil’ because the divine nature of both Powers implies that such earthly terms are irrelevant, being purely applicable to humanity. The battle between Light and Darkness is a struggle beyond the minds of mortals; an ethereal conflict that raged before time itself and which became entwined with every level of existence. The Dark Power stands for the purity of the soul, for the strength of the will and the fulfillment this ultimately brings. For a soul to be pure means to be strong, for only spiritual strength can bring freedom from the earthly level of being. The Dark Power seeks to aid mortal souls with the spiritual potential to break their corporeal chains and crush the temptation of earthly wickedness. Yet in defiance to the Dark, there is the Light, which seeks not to help mortal souls break away from the unfulfilling earthly plane of existence through development of spiritual strength. Instead, the Light desires to preserve the earthly level of being, also in this world, and influences human souls to indulge in worldly desires and become spiritually enchained to their mortal coil. This recipe for spiritual weakness has caused countless human beings to succumb to the vile temptation of earthly wickedness, bringing untold pain and evil to this world. The Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble is to function in the manner of a trigger for those few human souls now strong enough to liberate themselves from the deceitful Power of Light. Therefore, to aid these human beings in their search for spiritual fulfillment and freedom from human wickedness and the Power of Light, in the name of the Greater Dark, is the ideological purpose of the Malperdy Military Metal Ensemble.

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