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The Last Nail

The Last Nail”




Right of the bat, this is a short listen so whether its likeable or not might not matter that much in the long run but talking about lengths of CD is not exactly part of my MO Anyway.


Being a demo, I’ll let audio quality slip (although it’s still not an excuse in this day and age).This self titled Demo from The Last Nail shows potential for a band which can expand to something noticeable, but so are the hundreds of demos that come out everyday. I am saying this because despite the potential, it holds itself back.


First of all, the vocal leave a lot to be desired. It’s better to get someone who is well trained and experienced to take over vocals, and a chance might stood to get somewhere, because all I can hear is a throat which is going under immense stress and showing nothing for it. The articulations are weak and the overall effort seemed taxed. Perhaps because the guitarist is also a vocalist, a classic old school combination, but there is no harm in having a dedicated vocalist.


The reason I said that is because I actually like the guitar riffs, good grip of old school heavy metal. And the drums, which do not exhibit  the most complicated beats in the world do a functional job in progressing the songs forward. Has room for really heavy stuff to come out from these release and the track titles do show an effort to divert from the usual ‘war bullets and demons ‘trope that is riveted in similar genres.


I enjoyed this release, but it took me a few listens do do so and even the I was passing it through a filter so the higher frequencies did not scrape my eardrum off. And while I am aware that there is no point in re-inventing the wheel, I felt that they offer nothing much so far which would stand out amongst the cacophony of bands emerging, but I still can’t get myself to call it a bad release either.. So all I can give is a cautious recommendation, but I am honestly looking forward to a future full length release.




1. Elder Sign

2. Battle of Thermopylae

3. Belial

4. Azazel

5. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum




Wit – Bass/Vocals

Occes – Drums

Mr. Honor – Guitars


Rating: 6.5 out of 10





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