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The Chasm
“Procession Of The Infraworld”
2000, Dwell Records

The Chasm - Procession to the Infraworld

I first got into The Chasm last year when I saw their last album Deathcult For Eternity in one of the local CD stores and decided to check it out, and I liked it. So with the release of their newest album, I’m pleased to say that they haven’t lost their edge. In fact, I think they have gotten more heavier. In my opinion, the songs seem more straight forward and the band sound more focused than the last album. I think the vocals of Daniel Corchado sound more mature than the last album. Yes, this is the same Daniel that fronted Incantation last year, but that’s no reason to just get the album, because the other musicians in the band, Antonio Leon(Drums), Julio Viterbo(Guitars), and session bassist Roberto Valle, are very competant, and can play really well. “Cosmic Landscapes Of Sorrow” is my favorite song of the disc. What makes me like this song the most, is the way the song flows, and the way the riff drives this song like a drill into your forehead causing your brains to leak out from it’s intensity. The composition that is called “Return Of the Banished” is a fine song that would make your grandmother’s ears bleed unmercifully with it’s buzzsaw guitar rythmns, bombastic drums, and fine vocal performance. “The Scars Of My Journey” which deals with finding one’s self in a spirit form and taking a journey to find the true self of existance. This album is a good follow up, and the production is good, so that all the instruments are heard clearly. A must have CD.



1. Spectral Sons of the Mictlan

2. The scars of My Journey

3. At the Edge of the Nebula Mortis

4. Fading…

5. Return of the Banished

6. Cosmic Landscapes of Sorrow

7. Architects of Melancholic Apocalypse

8. Storm of Revelations



Daniel Corchado – Bass/Guitars/Vocals

Antonio Leon – Drums

Julio Viterbo – Bass



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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