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Temple of Katharsis, a mysterious force that helms from the dark corners of Greece. They roam the decrepit lands of the world, channeling the dark forces from within to provide us the principals of darkness and evil…along with some pretty cool melodic, and sinister black metal, as well. The band is comprised of the usual black metal… but while listening to this EP you can tell, a mighty force of energy surrounds them.

This very short EP opens with a warning message; heed the warning, you are slowly being pushed into the depths. There’s a heavy feel of Watain and Bathory mixed with a touch of Kalmah that you could possibly hear. Temple of Katharsis are able to provide us the black metal sound while keeping themselves in tact in the process. There’s not many ways to lose track of where these guys are coming from.


First track, ‘The Birth of Infernal One’ starts out almost as if a taste test, just to give us a slow burn of what is yet to come. Not coming off too out of nowhere, they want the audience to take their time and let all of this sink in. By the end of the track you either are in the same forest, either embracing the darkness around you or you’ve fallen off the cliff into the depths. There is no between.


‘A Forest of Mysteries’ is a heavier song from the EP, providing the perfect tempo for doing epic windmills and/or thrashing ‘til your face hurts. Drums on this track are epic and give us the much-needed push for the guitars in the track to take over. Vocals are more discernible through this track than the others, giving the listener a clear view of evil that lurks beyond the redwoods. While a bit repetitive, the chorus of the track is what pushes this track into being one of the best on this EP.


The Snake of Chaos’ is what wraps this short EP altogether while keeping us engrossed in what Temple of Katharsis has to offer. In this track we are given melodic tunes to sway and bob your head to without coming off too strong. This is a great mid-show track for a gig. Given the other tracks


Temple of Katharsis is keeping up with what is good in black metal. Staying interesting and fun without overdoing it or being commercial about it. A good mix of tracks provided from a band with potential. Worth a shot in the dark, if you ever return from it.




1. The Birth Of Infernal One

2. A Forest Of Mysteries

3. Xαιρε Νυχτα Αιωνια

4. The Snake Of Chaos






Homados – Guitars

Hellmaster 666 – Vocals/Bass

Adnc – Guitars


Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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