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If you love raw black metal. You will love this band. If these guys were in a good studio they would sound great. Okay the production not good but its still good black metal. It’s original sounding. I love the lyrics it is very brutal. The whole CD is real black metal. The cover I love too. This band does their own thing. I respect it, too many copy cats out there. The drummer plays his own style, I love that. I love the riffs to very dark. I’d love to go through a dark road listening to this with a full moon. So glad that a band like this exist. If you like real black metal Get this CD.


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2. Teloch Vovin

3. The Rite of the Harvest……or that ov the Reaper’s Blade

4. Daleth : An Entrance

5. Via Daath (333)

6. Harab-Serapel

7. Olahm Ha-Kliffot

8. Adoration-Vexation




G/ – Guitars/Effects/Bells
Aeshma Shemyaza – Vocals/Bells
Jos-Sothoth – Bass/Vocals
Proph – Drums/Electronics


Rating: 8 out of 10

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