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Svarthaueg (Norway, Oslo) was formed in 2005 by Svarthaueg (main guitarist) as a solo project. His vision for this band was to create primitive black metal mixed with occult lyrics and practice



-In Late 2009 Svarthaueg quit all his other projects to focus full-time on his solo project Svarthaueg.
Adramelech joined forces on Vocals, and a while later, Defest came in on drums.



– Early 2012 they recorded the EP Ritual. (released on Satanath Records) With Kark (former member) on bass.


Svarthaueg did also record a music video for their song Balam, and Marek Golas (Lost soul) Came in as new bassist. ( ) -Svarthaueg is now recording their upcoming full length Debut album “Drakonsk Magi” that will be finished spring/summer 2013.



Svarthaueg Plays Anti cosmic Black metal.

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