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Supuration - Cube3


Death/doom from France. This was very….different. I was slightly confused and taken off guard by this at first. Not going to lie or sugar-coat it, this is weird! I am not saying this in any kind of bad way though, I have just never heard something like this really. It was quite an experience and I actually kind of like it. I’m sure it grows on you after the initial shock wears off. I will have to give this another listen, they deserve that. Sci-fi inspired death metal with some clean-ish singing. The Avant-garde guitar work is very progressive. On first listen I will rate this 7/10. It deserves a listen for sure for any fan of death metal. Be open-minded when you play it.




1. Sinergy Awakes

2. Introversion

3. The Disenthrall

4. Consumate

5. The Incongruents

6. The Delegation

7. Data Dance

8. The Flight

9. The Climax




Ludovic Loez: keyboards, bass, guitars & vocals

Fabrice Loez: sampler & guitars

Thierry Berger: drums

Frédéric Fiévez: bass



Rating: 7 out of 10


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