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So I hand it to anyone you has read and used Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Les Litanies de Satan’. This is the final track on the CD and unfortunately the only one I connected with. Sunrise Black has got talent, but not a lot of brutality. The piano playing hurt and there were moments where I felt as if I was listening to TOOL, which would be fine if I were high. But I am not. No one on earth should ever have to deal with that much irony sober, ha ha, get it SOBER.


I was while listening to Omnia Pro Patria reminded of how blown away I was by Opeth Heritage, they created an incredible fusion of sound while bringing to life music from the past with a modern take and feel. Omnia almost tap that, and admire the musicianship. But opera like vocals and piano are a hard sell for me, and the heaviest element here are the drums. Of the five songs two are instrumental.


On the upswing, I think there is an audience for this. There is a movement of evil progressive music out there and it is growing. I think if you like The DEVILS BLOOD (though defunct) and BLOODY HAMMERS this may be worth checking out.




1. (intro) Dziady i Pusty Wieczór

2. Firefest

3. Rigor Mortis I (Pro Patria Polonia)

4. Rigor Mortis II

5. Charles Baudelaire’s ”Litaniés des Sátán”




Piotr “Marvin” Słopecki – Grand Piano

Paweł “VaU” Radziszewski – Guitars/Clean Vocals

Piotr “Wilq” Chlebowicz – Harsh Vocals/Bass

Paweł “Fiosaiche” Kucypera – Drums/Guitars (solo)



Rating: 6 out 10

~Alaric Barca

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