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Eo Abyssvs Occvlts”


Sublevels - Eo Abyssvs Occvlts

Death/-core/groove band from Argentina. Incoherent vocals, death type guitars, pretty much your typical death core style band. This CD did not really stand out for me. Not saying it was bad just didn’t stand out among all the others. Fans of Meshuggah, Gojira, Whitechapel, etc. may just like this. It does deserve a chance though, so give it a listen.




1. Emisario del Horror

2. Neurófagos

3. La Dinámica de la Obsolesencia

4. Reaccionando Contra el Armageddon

5. Abstracción para Otro Ser

6. Colgado de la Médula

7. Desde el Ocaso del Discernimiento

8. El Lado Censurado de la Cordura

9. Génesis Devastadora

10. Descenso Destructor

11. Eo Abyssvs Occvltvs

12. Hidden Track



Tracklist: (In English)

1. Descenso Destructor

2. Neurphagos

3. The Dynamics of Obsolescence

4. Reacting Against Armageddon

5. Abstraction for Another Being

6. Hanged from the Medulla

7. From the Twilight of Discernment

8. The Banned Side of Sanity

9. Devastating Genesis

10. Destructive Descent

11. Eo Abyssvs Occvlts

12. Hidden Track




Andres Gualco: Drums

Gonzallo Tello: Bass

Gastón Praddaude: Guitar

Lucas Pacheco: Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10


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