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Strynn - Alienation

What a great black metal band, I listened to this CD twice. I love every song on this CD. If you want true black metal, mine I like raw and true. Let me say this is original and real. I love the first 4 songs. Their sound is very dark. The production is okay. If you like old Bathory and Mayhem. You’ll love them. I picture myself in a dark underworld with vampyre’s. Yes in a dark castle. Great CD man.




1. Anthropophobia

2. Sadistic

3. Pyroclastic

4. Obliteration

5. Desolation

6. Scourge

7. Plague

8. Perdition

9. Reminiscence

10. Anamnesis

11. Jailed




Anadrark – Guitars/Vocals
Dwimorberg – Guitars/Vocals

Arzhkrug- Bass
Obscurisis- Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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