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Stone Magnum - From Time... to Eternity

It is not every day that one gets to sit down, listen to an album, and does so not only in its entirety but actually go back to it. That is what Stone Magnum’s “From Time…To Eternity” did to me. The album is a pinnacle, from the vocals to the riffs to the drum beats. Even the samples/atmospheric sounds used are reminiscent of the genre. This is one release I really enjoyed listening to and a recommendation is in order immediately.


To be honest there isn’t much I can really complain about, well, there is some repetitions in places which can be annoying, and the riffs dry out a bit quickly, but then another section of the song takes over. Strictly speaking, it’s not perfect, but all can be overlooked. The Vocalist sounds like he could have taken a few more takes in some spots but overall he blends well with the songs.


This mixing is near perfect, only the drums are a bit “dry” but other than that, the whole mix lacks hisses and excessive rumble, just enough to complement the genre. The guitars feel alive and organic. You can even hear the bass throbs which are always satisfactory to hear in the right levels. It seems that Doom Metal is always mixed with a penchant for quality (with some few horrible exceptions I have encountered in the past) and this one does the genre and even Metal in general, proud. Kudos to who mixed this.


The artwork is simple but skilfully designed; it portrays a bleak feeling around. It is quite dark but still uses a fairly good scheme of colors. Wish I can say the same for the band photo. They are fine but the layering of those nooses and the rest of the ‘effect’ is a bit ghastly but it can be forgiven.


I cannot really choose a single favorite track; it has to be between #2, #4 and #5.

I admit that Doom metal is not my genre, but this album left me extremely satisfied. And I will definitely listen to it again. It deserves the score I’m giving it, where usually I’m a bit harsh, get this album and listen to it. Good Job guys.




1. From Time…To Eternity

2. Lonely God

3. In Tongues They Whisper

4. The Gallows Of Ohrdruf

5. By An Omen I Went

6. Uncontained

7. In The Garden Of Beasts




Jim Brucks – Guitars

Dean Tavernier – Guitars/Vocals

Ben Elliot – Bass

Nick Hernandez – Vocals

Justin Henry – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10

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