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Stillborn - Los Asesinos del Sur

Some of the worlds most violent death metal bands come to us courtesy of Poland. Bands like Behemoth laid the groundwork for the fastest, most brutal kind of metal that has combined black metal speed with death metal thick body; hence the name blackened death metal. Blackened death metal needs to be solid with deadly speed and vicious vocals, while keeping the songs integrity in tacked. Meaning that the songs themselves can’t just be fast for the sake of it, but real attention to musicianship must at the forefront with the ferocious sound of the song, otherwise all the purpose is lost and your songs just become sloppy.


Stillborn are a blackened death metal band from Poland in the great tradition of bands like Behemoth. Their 2011 full-length album titled Los Asesinos Del Sur is a fantastically vial record that is uncompromisingly furious. This is a great album that starts out with fierce blast beats and doesn’t let up the whole way through. Musically I can’t help compare Stillborn to Behemoth, but they have their differences. Stillborn have a slightly more trebly sound to the guitar and singer Killer has a bit more of a rasp to his voice while keeping all the necessary power to complement the music. There is not a ton of variety on this album, but other than a few tempo changes quite frankly Stillborn doesn’t need it. They deliver a record that is among the best in the genre. This album starts out strong and doesn’t let up once. At only thirty-one minutes in length it could have only benefited from being slightly longer, but as it stands this is a great blackened death metal album.




1. Overture .966

2. Hymn of Destruction

3. Diamonds of the Last Water

4. Antonym

5. Son of the holy Motherfucker

6. Blood and Dust

7. Kot Wolanda

8. Los asesinos del sur

9. Stillborn II (Singularities of the Ordinary Vulgar Boor)

10. Whore of the Whores




Killer – Guitars/Vocals
Hunger- Bass
August – Drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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