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Armed with the same interests in common – both like to play music, we found that the four of us comprised Idoy (Voc), Eggi (Guitar), Chimod (Bass) and Teguh (drums) that of human beings against each other both in terms of character, nature and indulgence. But we both love playing music and eventually we joined in a band called STERILL BISSING container by Genre Black Death Metal.



Stay BLACK DEATH METAL genre practice, our musical background theme of the crusade, human slavery by his own god, religion lies an uncertain, war and many other themes of his blasphemy that our stretcher.



Compliments or insults to us, then surely it is one of the main components of our achievement to get better and remain flat on the earth! Big Respect From Us, Without you we are nothing!! influence: Marduk, Mayhem, Belphegor, Behemoth, Dark Funeral,1349, Venom, Bathory and soon 1st album “interminasi ambisius



Solid Line Up:

Idos As Scream

Chimod As Left handed Bass

Egy As Guitar

Teguh As Drum









Contact Person:


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