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Spreading the Disease - Viral

Spreading the Disease is a groove metal band from Kent, UK. Steve Saunders the Bass Player is the main guy behind who was from the band The Self Titled and is now ready for a new band and new sound. If you like heavy shit then this is the band for you. And this is their debut album called “Viral”.


Viral has four tracks on it. Very fast sound, the guitars are very loud just like all metal-heads/rockers love it. But there are those slower parts of course which brings it out as well. The drum beats are fast to go well with the music. The bass guitar sounds are very extreme and well played as well. The vocals in this band/album are very unique. He arranges from a very extreme metal sound to a rock n’ roll singing voice. It is all around a great album. I cannot not wait to hear a full length by these awesome metallers. Keep up the great work guys.




1. F.U.C.K.U.

2. Lost Generation

3. Bulldozer

4. Evolution








Steve Saunders – Bass/ Backing Vocals

Martin Osborne – Guitars/Vocals

Edd Saunders – Drums

Adam May – Vocals

Julien Riquelme – Guitars

Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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