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Ecstasy of God”


Spheron - Ecstasy of God

Death metal from Germany. Very nice tech-death sound even from the get-go on the opening track which was an instrumental. I sensed a little bit of doom/progressive influences. It was also very melodic at times. Very diverse album which delivered a strong performance. This was a debut album too which was surprising really. Very good start to what could be a great career.




1. A Means to an End

2. The Beheaded Coachman

3. Prestige of the Mortals

4. Saturnian Satellites

5. Clasp the Thorns

6. Prelude to the Misery

7. Five Degrees

8. Pulse of Instinct

9. Tragedy of the Clerics

10. Choking on Incense

11. Anthropogenic

12. From Glint to Crackling







Daniel Spoor – Vocals

Tobias Alter – Lead Guitar

Mark Walther – Rhythm Guitar

Matthias Minor – Bass

Tobias Blach – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10



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