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“Stirpe Obscura”

Spellcraft - Stirpe Obscura

Fantastic melodic black metal with catchy riffs, good vocals and typical black metal drum patterns with regular fills that make it very easy music for any Kvlt black metal fan to get along with. Displaying influences from various black metal legends such as immortal, venom and dissection making it a fantastic combination of raw yet melodic black metal, truly inspirational black metal which left me wanting more.



1. The Souldevourer

2. Stirpe Obscura

3. Sons of the Dying Sun

4. Beyond the Lost Forest

5. Adaegia

6. Crossing the Seventh Gate

7. Kiss Me from the Darkness





Fulgur – Drums

Murcilag – Guitars

Aldromk – Guitars

Midgard – Vocals

Scythe – Drums


Rating: 8 out of 10


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