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In the cold winter of anno satana 1996 under the frozen cloak of Pyrenees born SPELLCRAFT . After a year of tests they record his first demo: ” Funeral in the Night”, harvesting good critics at local level and giving several concerts in its surroundings closest. In 2001 it enters to comprise in the group Midgard, ex vocalist of the legendary Spanish band of black metal OUIJA, with that the band evolves of remarkable way.

In year 2002 promo is recorded first with which SPELLCRAFT takes his first steps in underground at state level.
After years in the shade, in the 2005 they turn upside down in the obtaining of colder and aggressive subjects for its new album.

In the 2007 recorded and mixed the promo “The Souldevourer” in the studies The Room BCN and in Sweden by the recognized Taylor Maid is mastered (Marduk, Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir,…). The obtained recording desire in power and quality, being the satisfied band very with the result.

The CD will be edit by Black horde (Grotesque Prods.) in January of 2008.

mail: spellofmidgard@hotmail.com

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