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Sons Of Famine - Alcohol and Razor Blades

According to their Facebook page SONS OF FAMINE is anti-everything, and we hope you die a miserable death!! They are from Chicago, home of Al Capone and Rahm Emanuel, the now mayor of Chicago who attacked a congressman in the shower while shaking his penis at him to vote for Obamacare. Don’t believe me google it. It’s True. 


The first track that I listened to was Alcohol and Razorblades. Why is that important? Because my first impression of this band was: This is what the Murderdolls would sound like possessed and on crack… cocaine. Though they describe themselves as Blackened Death Metal, there is a punkishness that gives the tunes an almost but not quite commercial accessibility. These guys have something that could crossover and have a real following. I mean if Ghost can flat out mock it’s fans and all of humanity all the while gaining massive success who can stop this misanthropic force. 


Matt McClelland’s vocals are psychotic and awesome. The guitar tones which are fuzzy distorted are also kick ass. 


There are only four songs on this but I highly RECOMMEND you check this out.




1. Nothing and Nowhere

2. Malicious Curse of Fate

3. Alcohol and Razor Blades

4. The Seed



Patrick Clancy – Guitars
Garrett Scanlan – Drums
Matt McClelland – Guitars/Vocals
Mike Dooley – Bass



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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