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Somnus is:

Scott Hilberg- Lead Vocals/Guitar/ Synth

Erik Rueschman- Lead Guitar

Lou Spencer- Bass

Rhiannon- Keyboards/Vocals

Chris Stolle- Drums and Percussion

Somnus was formed in 1995 by Scott Hilberg (vocals/guitar, formerly of Odious Sanction), Erik Rueschman (guitar) and Lou Spencer (bass). Rhiannon (keyboards/vocals) and Scott Shetler (percussion) joined in early 1996, thus completing the empire of Somnus. The band set out to create a sound that would include extreme darkness and desolate imagery, yet capture the full dynamics of a cataclysmic orchestra. After the first few songs were completed, Somnus recorded their demo To Return the Crimson Skies. Chris Stolle (ex-Thanatopsis) replaced Shetler in 1997, and the band recorded a 2-song promo cassette as well as “Seasons in the Abyss” for the Dwell Slayer Tribute Gateway to Hell. Erik departed after the band’s debut CD Awakening the Crown was recorded, and Dave Ingram (lead guitar, formally of Blood Coven) now completes the line-up.

With the walls of the empire in place, Somnus continues to conjure up their unique sound. Inspired by paganism, mythology, and polytheistic cultures, Somnus combines these influences into a blend of majestic harmonies, chaotic atmosphere and eerily haunting vocals. Through the music and live performance, Somnus’ goal is to create a lasting visual image for the listener, while taking them on an etherial quest…

For in your dreams the somber sounds now rest!


P.O. Box 81379

Cleveland, OH 44181

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