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Summon: Tell me about the history of the band.

Scott: Erik and I started Somnus back in the fall of 94. It took some time before we got a full band together, but we never lost our vision and kept trying to get a good line-up!


Summon: How did the band start?

Scott: I had just left my old band, in which I don’t feel like mentioning cause I’ve helped them enough. I had asked Erik, who used to be in a band called Sin-Eater, if he would be into jamming. Sin-Eater had been broken up for a while by the time I had asked Erik to jam.


Summon: How long have you been together?

Scott: The foundations of the band were laid in 94, but it wasn’t until 96 when the other members joined and we’ve been playing gigs and writing since.


Summon: What kind of music do you guys play?

Scott: We play a style that gets placed by others under the labels of black metal, doom, and Euro metal, with a lot of atmosphere and a Gothic or classical kind of overtone to us…hard to categorize.


Summon: And how would YOU describe it?

Scott: Very moody—many changes in the feel and tempo. We kinda have a sound track quality to us. Like maybe for Braveheart or the Thirteenth Warrior.


Summon: Where did you get the name Somnus from?

Scott: Erik came up with that as he is into lots of mythology. It’s the Roman god of Sleep and Dreams.


Summon: How many demos have you guys put out?

Scott: One demo and the promo tape, we are about to release a full length CD here soon.


Summon: How many songs were on the demo?

Scott: 3 plus an intro and outro. 2 songs on the promo.


Summon: What was the name of it?

Scott: The demo was titled “To Return the Crimson Skies”.


Summon: What is the CD called?

Scott: “Awakening the Crown”.


Summon: Tell me about some of the songs that are on it?

Scott: Well the first song “Unfulfilled Prophecy” speaks of a king who is to be a great leader but is murdered thus the unfulfilled prophecy. Another is called “Within”, which speaks of a vision quest to seek out the powers that are around us in nature.


Summon: Where do you guys get your lyrical ideas from?

Scott: Our dreams and nightmares! Nah just from things we’ve read or crazy thoughts that come to us. Or movies and history mythology.


Summon: So you don’t write your typical metal lyrics of blood guts, death and cannibalism then?

Scott: Depends.


Summon: On what?

Scott: No we are not about blood and guts we’re about war and the old ways…


Summon: Okay and who writes the majority of the music and lyrics?

Scott: Rhia and I do most of the music writing and then Lou and I do most of the lyrics. The whole band helps out though.


Summon: When is the release date for the CD?

Scott: It just finally became available very recently! Our CD release party in Cleveland is March 25.


Summon: What label will it be on?

Scott: We are working with a label from Minneapolis called Root Of All Evil Records.


Summon: How did you guys get hooked up with them?

Scott: Brian from the now defunct Left Alone Records got a hold of our demo and has be a fan for awhile! So he offered to put the CD out. Earl Root has taken over working with us since Brian’s departure. This CD is a one time deal with Root.


Summon: Awesome!! I know the band is really great live… but describe to everyone what you are like live for people who haven’t seen you guys.

Scott: You’ve seen us in Milwaukee where we are rushed to play but we normally try to set an atmosphere that holds you and pulls you into our domain.


Summon: You use any special type of props or wear any special clothing?

Scott: We’ve got a modest light show along with fog for atmosphere of course. We also use a lot of candles…we have a Gothic black metal look to us I guess. When we’re playing live we want to make you feel as though you are part of the song.


Summon: What’s the scene like where you guys are from?

Scott: The scene here is pretty kick ass I think. There are some killer bands, we get lots of great shows here with national acts.


Summon: What’s the average crowd at your shows?

Scott: That depends some times it can be really kick ass but on an average I would say 100 to 150. Sometimes a lot more, they will just come pouring outta the woodwork.


Summon: Do you have any musical influences?

Scott: Me, personally I have loved KISS since I was probably 4or 5. I am a totally Iron Maiden fan. Dead Can Dance fan. The band listens to everything from classic rock to all styles of metal old and new.


Summon: Or anything that inspires you at all?

Scott: Things that inspire me are many. Too many to really get into but I would say off the top of my head paganism, things of the night , anything dark or occultish, mythology, movies and history.


Summon: Have you guys ever played out of the country?

Scott: No, not yet! Somnus would love to though.


Summon: After the CD do you have any tour type plans?

Scott: No, not really we just plan on doing what we can to help support it but right now. We can’t tour…it costs money, something we don’t really have enough of right now!


Summon: What does the future hold for the band?

Scott: Haha!! Hopefully everything!! More music and then maybe a tour anyone wanna give us some financial support?


Summon: I wish you the best of luck Scott.

Scott: Hey thanks a lot!


Summon: Thank you for the interview.

Scott: No, thank you!





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P.O. Box 81379

Cleveland, Ohio 44181



*Somnus has since split-up*

Somnus band002

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