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Sloth Herder/Horde of the Eclipse Split”


Sloth Herder - Horde of the Eclipse split


Sloth Herder:


Maryland band Sloth Herder dropped five songs on this split with Horde of the Eclipse. They show true form here in musicianship. Each song is crafted with the edge of a knife and executed ruthlessly. The technical aspects of the instrumentation are great for a beginning band. Each instrument really shines through and holds a place in the mix. The bass is clean and punchy. The guitars are bright and sheer like obsidian. And the drums pound away in the back very well balanced. Everything sounds very clear but still retains a dirty aspect that contributes to the gritty sound.

Horde of the Eclipse:


Starting their side of the split with an acoustic intro, Horde of the Eclipse does another great job and showing the world what they have to offer. The two main tracks sound much better than their previous release production-wise. The drums are mixed much better and everything sounds tighter and cleaner without sounding too compressed.

Scathing melodies and screeching vocals cover the basics of the sound with added acoustic guitars and low guttural vocals along with harsh yelling. The musicianship continues to sharpen and improve as both songs cover a wide variety of riffs and hooks.


This side of the split shows the depth of inspiration the band draws from ranging from the second wave of Scandinavian black metal to the newer wave of death metal sweeping across America.

As a whole, this split ranges drastically. The dark gritty black metal/grindcore sound that Sloth Herder brings forth doesn’t really flow with Horde of the Eclipse’s melodic black metal songs. But in the end, this split is a great showcase of the talent and promise both bands hold.




1. Sloth Herder – Rosicrux

2. Sloth Herder – S.O.M.F.

3. Sloth Herder – Crimson Lotions

4. Sloth Herder – Fevers of Unknown Origin

5. Sloth Herder – Acts of Savagery

6. Horde of the Eclipse – Waxing

7. Horde of the Eclipse – Waning of Odal

8. Horde of the Eclipse – Unleashing Pariah



Sloth Herder Members:







Horde of the Eclipse Members:

Keith Loboda – Bass

Luke Sweger – Drums

Max Shoop – Guitars, Vocals.

Andy Sheaffer – Guitars.




Sloth Herder: 9 out of 10

Horde of the Eclipse: 8 out of 10

Overall: 9 out of 10


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