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Slaves Of Evil - Madness of Silence


Wow! This band kicks ass. I love this whole CD. Its great death metal. I love the all the band members, great at their craft. The snarling vocals make me think of the days when I was in my old death metal band, I love the production of the CD. Blast beats are good they are fast as hell. I even play it to piss off my boss at work. Hail metal forever. Anyway nice to have great lyrics too. You’ll get your money’s worth. Get this CD now.




1. Death Countenance

2. The War with God

3. Hell Dwellers

4. The Army of the Damned

5. Die Carrion!

6. Kill Me

7. I am the Witch

8. Insignificant Truth

9. The Fallen One

10. Slaves of Evil




Vex – Vocals/Guitars
Szwagier – Vocals/Guitars
Ciastek – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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