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Beyond the Flesh”


Skeletal Remains - Beyond the Flesh

An extremely brutal album all the way through. Guitars grinding away yet not over doing it, drums crashing and lyrics piercing the ears. Headbanging all the way!


Found this music very enjoyable but the whole album had no variation. Every song besides Sub-Zero Termination and Traumatic Existence had the same vibe about them. It was hard to get right into besides those 2 songs. Nothing wrong with the vocals, nothing wrong with anything. I just found myself feeling like I was listening to one big song for the first 7 songs.


If you are into bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel these guys have the making for some brutal Death Metal. They are defiantly extremely talented and cant wait to hear the next album. I have high hopes for them \m/ \m/


Bring on the Brutality boys you have the makings of a great Brutal Death Metal Band \m/




1. Extirpated Vitality

2. Desolate Isolation

3. Reconstructive Surgery

4. Carrion Death

5. Traumatic Existence

6. Anthropophagy

7. Homicidal Pulchritude

8. Sub-Zero Termination




Chris Monroy – Guitar/Vocals

Adrius Marquez – Bass

Adrian Obregon – Guitar



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Adam Morrey

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