Skandal Bio


The band started as a side project(of Giorgos’s) in order to record a couple of songs. With the aid of Vagelis Theodorakis (Revolted Masses/Guitars), Fivos Andriopoulos (3fold Pain, Trendy Hooliguns, Underworld Dreams/Drums),George Bokos’s sound engineering skills and Vasilis Gouvatsos’s final mix and mastering, the songs were ready and both ended up in the project’s First Step To Nowhere E.P. While¬†undergoing recordings, Giorgos moved in the UK where he met Sam Tom Baker (Guitars, pun intended indeed) and Sam George Thomason(Drums) who were interested in playing music as well. With these two amazing Brits on board,the band gave it’s first gigs in 3 different countries(Iceland,Greece,England).A few months down the road, Sam moved to the south and was replaced by Paul Daly, a friend of the band with experience. The band gave a few gigs with this line up during which our dear friend Diomidis Skalidakis (session member) joined us on stage as a second guitarist and showed the band what it means to play loud. After these shows, it was obvious to us, we wanted a second guitar on board, so the friend and co-manager of the band Cris Harisoulis moved in Leeds to form the band’s first quartet line-up. Pumped up as never before, all members are committed to deliver quality gigs, and a new very promising release.

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