Škan Review



“The Old King”



The Old King is an intense, creative EP from technical death metal band Škan. This three song EP is packed full of ominous atmosphere, razor sharp dynamic playing, and fierce deep raspy singing. The whole recording has a rawness that works to the benefit of the experience. Škan take you for a ride on The Old King. It is a journey that will carve images of war torn lands in your head. Each one of these three songs has a vibrant use of time change and brilliant musician ship. Everything is kept tight and flowing. Nothing lingers for too long and the EP keeps a frenetic pace that dips only when the band wants it to. It never becomes monotonous. With only three songs, Škan has managed to give us a small taste of what they are capable of. This is a solid three songs that shows that Škan can hold a place in the world of technical death metal.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10