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Sinister Realm - World of Evil

Immediately this reminded me heavily of Dio. It has that old-school heavy metal/ hard rock feel to it. It isn’t extremely heavy by any means, but that doesn’t take anything away from it. It is what it is. It also has that doom sound to it throughout the album. I would say this was a decent release for this genre. Not really my thing but it wasn’t bad if that is what you like. Definitely for fans of Dio, Heaven & Hell, etc.




1. Dark Angel of Fate

2. Bell Strikes Fear

3. World of Evil

4. The Ghosts of Nevermore

5. Prophets of War

6. Cyber Villain

7. The Forest of Souls

8. Four Black Witches




Alex Kristof – vocals

John Gaffney – bass, guitar, background vocals

John Kantner – rhythm & lead guitar

John Risko – lead guitar

Chris Metzger – drums



Rating: 5 out of 10 (this isn’t because I thought it was bad or anything, just not my thing so it is hard to rate.)


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