Signs Of The Evil Review


Signs of the Evil

Black Throne of Blood”



It’s always a great feeling when as a reviewer you get an EP, and from start to finish you are presently surprised and thrilled to come across sheer dominance felt from within a band… which in turn leads you to writing a well-received music review.

So here goes!

Signs of the Evil are a Peruvian black metal band and they have everything you want to hear in a black metal band (at least close enough anyway) if not a smidge more. Not only is there some fairly impressive and catchy drumming going on, which at times has felt like it is seriously one of the hardest things to come by with black metal. It also should be noted, the vocals are pretty sweet as well and not over-the-top which is so greatly appreciated.

‘Black Throne of Blood’ is an excellent way to start off the album. From the start, ripping gutturals from Belcifer give you the feeling of ultimate pressure and dynamism. The way Belcifer’s vocals are, they sit perfectly right alongside guitar from Hellthor and bassist, Torment. Hellthor and Torment magnificently tie it all together with great-syncopated riffs and melodies from their respective instruments. Must say, this is a killer track to start, and thankfully the album stays right at this level of awesome.

‘The Night of Times’ is a slower yet still potent track with lots of cool grooves that go along with it. They have the coolest little bridge/breakdown towards the end of the track that really pulls. This is the best track off the album most definitely. All musicians are playing on point and with momentum and precision. This track was such a great thing to experience… even if only by ear.

There’s also a bonus track of a Bathory cover. Signs of Evil takes on the song, ‘Man of Iron’ and it actually isn’t too shabby of an attempt. The vocals might be a little too raw on this but that also is what gives black metal it’s charm usually, so it’s a tossup in all fairness.

There are a few other key tracks from this full-length album, such as ‘Christian Blood for Satan’, but all seem to pale in comparison to the aforementioned tracks.

In summary: Fun for the whole family! Just kidding… unless your family loves Satan, or just brutal and well thought-out black metal, then by all means! Seriously though, feels like the only thing missing from this band taking it to the next level is some demonic keys in the background to kinda fill in the vast sometimes. Having a keyboardist would totally seal the deal in making these fellas truly standout.

All-in-all, gotta say this is a truly a great release and one. I’m glad I had the chance to check out for myself.




1. Intro

2. Black Throne of Blood

3. Demoniac War

4. Christian Blood for Satan

5. The Night of Times

6. Outro

7. Cristus Desecrato

8. Man of Iron (Bathory cover)




Alexander Belcifer – vocals

HellThor – Lead guitar

V – Live guitar

Torment – bass

Miller Killer – drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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