Sigil Review


Kingdom of the Grave

8 Track Debut Album

HPGD Productions

Release Date: 7th April 2017

By: Pagan Hel

Sigil – Austin, Texas


Listen to Kingdom of the Grave here:

Genre: Death Metal



Sigil join the Horror Pain Gore Death Productions roster with the explosive debut full length “Kingdom Of The Grave”! Hailing from Austin Texas, Sigil successfully blends classic Swedish Death Metal with American crust resulting in catchy, crushing chaos. Keeping true to the old-school faith, “Kingdom Of The Grave” is unrelenting in its Death Metal attack which also incorporates raw D-beat aggression complimented by slashing solos and throat-ripping vocals featuring themes of suicide, police brutality and the occult. For fans of Black Breath, Carnage, Dismember, Entombed, Entrails, Fatalist, Fleshcrawl, Gatecreeper, Grave, His Hero Is Gone, Nihilist and Tragedy!”


Let Death Unreal commence with its heavy blend of molten metal riffs and savage throaty rasping, it ricochet’s from the speakers and catapults an apocalyptic rhythm in the direction of the audial and dramatically pulverises with harsh potency. As Even the Gods will Burn comes into contact with the ears it rampages feistily and shows how impressive it is as the scathing beats cut a groove in your head! Moving on to Lick the Blade which creates a cataclysmic drama of its own making and reveals a gnawing energy that bristles with ease. Next on the album is the bands single Kingdom of the Grave its violin concerto is awful I have to say, wincing as I type at its shrill noise, however that was just the start of the track and the powerful beast emerges once again rearing its mighty head and pulling no punches. The track is predominantly thrash related and holds a maze of various twists and turns that are concealed in a labyrinth of emotional drama. I can see why the band have released this as their single, once I got over the start of the track! Summoning Hate is another bounding malignant swathe of madness that draws on a heavier imagination while it smashes your skull in. Strange Aeons boldly matches the previous tracks and doesn’t let the side down with its staggering niggling rhythms, cantankerous beats and oh so, delicious vocals. Bloodvisions comes across as a little calmer and more relaxed musically but still possesses a raucous beat and thunderous vocal throaty rasping that inspires. The eager hooks draw you into their seductive and raw rowdiness like no tomorrow. Death won’t kill me begins with a thick and heavily coated rhythm that sticks like glue to the brain in an attempt to smother, however, it will be well remembered and not only for that but its title also.

The band come across as a tight outfit who know which direction they are heading in and seem very confident in their musical capabilities, even pushing their boundaries ever so slightly.







Death Unreal

Even the Gods will Burn

Lick the Blade

Kingdom of the Grave

Summoning Hate

Strange Aeons


Death won’t kill me




Leda Ginestra – Bass

Jeremy Hassell – Drums

Andy Bonney – Lead Guitar

Alex Citrone – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

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