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Shturm” has come into being at the beginning of the year 2003, with the efforts of Adar and Sinner. Soon the band recorded the demo “Shape of Chaos” just after the drummer Jaroslav joined “Shturm”. Now the music of “Shturm” is a raw, somewhat dirty black metal, and the quality of recording leaves much to be desired.


At the beginning of 2004 Jaroslav left the band, reasoning that his tastes in music have changed. Just after that several drummers came to “Shturm” and quickly left the band. Seeing clearly how frustrated the situation is, Adar and Sinner decided to go ahead with their debut album and now they are not waiting for a new drummer. But in 2004, in summer time, they recorded “Fresh Christian Meat” where featured Dym, the drummer of “Drama”. This album presented black-death metal of a higher quality if comparing it to “Shape of Chaos”. But this album was not published by any more or less serious label and was only sold out in a limited circulation because the level of Russian heavy metal market was constantly growing.


Soon a new guitarist, Omuth, and a drummer, Logos, joined the band. “Shturm” holds regular rehearsals and prepares to the recording sessions of new album. But soon Logos left the band and so, the wearisome process of searching for a new drummer begins . Just after this, Sinner left the band on personal grounds.


Adar and Omuth reconsider their outlooks on music and subject of the band`s lyrics. The year of 2006 was spent wholly in composing of a new material. Now it’s a technical brutal death metal which imbibed the atmosphere of ethnic music, the heritage of Maya and the nations of Oceania, bearing the wisdom and grandeur of the old ones…


In the end of 2006 drummer Vital and bass-guitarist Asur joined the band. After having done numerous rehearsals at Protsenko studio, the band began recording sessions of new album and this time Vital leaves the band for family reasons. In march, 2008 drummer Petreno joined “Shturm”. The band signed a contract with “FONO” to release theirs new album«Kalahia» in February 2009 The disc had been released in early April of 2009 and in the middle of 2011 bass-guitarist Kane came to the team as Asur also left the band.


The work on the new album “Karmaruna” is almost complete. There are promo-trailers and official video which can be viewed on the numerous official pages of “Shturm”. The material is much more qualitative if comparing it to the “Kalahia”. “Karmaruna” will be released in late March 2012 via Darknagar Records.

Current line-up:

Adar – vocals&guitars
Omut – vocals&guitars
Petreno – drums
Kane – bass

Past members:

Jaroslav – Drums (2003-2004)

Sinner – Vocals, Bass (2003-2006)

Dym – Drums (session) (2004)

Logos – Drums (2005)

Asur – Bass (2006-2010)

Vital – Drums (2006)


2003 – Shape Of Chaos (Demo)


1. Over People

2. Rotten Human Race

3. Hate Of War

2004 – Fresh Christian Meat


1. Skull On Barling

2. Leave Me Alone – The Misanthropic Opera

3. My Darkness Mind

4. Fear And Hatred

5. Last Time In That Life

6. Fresh Christian Meat

2009 – Kalahia


1. Kailash

2. On the Reigning of Yama Court

3. Appealing to the Spirit of Tibet

4. Liberation Through Hearing During a Presence in Bar-do

5. Maya… …The Lost Wisdom

6. The Grief About Forgotten Greatness… Descendant of Gods

7. Another Divine Doctrine

8. Kalahia – The Cosmogonic Scheme of Kalachacra

2011 – Solitude Beside (Single)


1. Solitude Beside

2012 – Karmaruna


1. Wounds on My Hands

2. Solitude Beside

3. My Life with Angel

4. Eagles Above Tibet

5. To Kapylavasta

6. Karmaruna

7. In Us

8. Down to the Waterfall

9. Remember Thy Name

10. Dreams of Better Life

11. Metal Music Artefact


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