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Sometimes, black metal bands have to force their grizzly sound in an effort to try and out-do the next band full of angry young men that are trying to show off to the world the dark and decrepit music they play. Sometimes, black metal just naturally flows out as an extension of thoughts and darkness. Shadow In The Crypt is one of those natural bands with a near perfect classic Norwegian KVLT black metal sound; even though this band is from Philadelphia. Shadow In The Crypt’s second full-length album titled Cryptic Communications is one incredibly fantastic black metal album. This album is not trying to take black metal to uncharted areas, nor is it trying to jump musical genres. Shadow In The Crypt has made a solid attempt to perfect the black metal sound with this album, and they came pretty damn close to doing so. This album embodies everything you love about pure black metal. This is a creative and passionate album full of ferocious, rabid anger, and killer, creative song writing to match. Musically, it is both epic and primal. Blazing fast guitar riffs lock with blast beats to create a visceral sound that is as brutal as any I have heard. And these guys can take things to mid-tempo speed, and keep the ferocity and intensity alive in the music with a galloping chug. The classic black metal atmosphere is here and very vigorous on this record too. The dark tone of the music is complemented well by bitter feelings of dread and the music carves sinister images in your thoughts. It clocks in at about forty-three minutes, which is perfect. The record keeps things tight and dense, but doesn’t go on too long. This is pure black metal in every sense. This is an extraordinary album that keeps things within and pushes things to the limits of what black metal truly is. There are no fancy symphonic parts or genre jumping melodic movements on Cryptic Communication. What you get is an unadulterated masterpiece performed by masters of metal. Shadow In The Crypt is primed and ready to lead the black metal charge.




1. Beneath Threatening Skies

2. The Vengeful Gathering

3. Embracing the Forbidden Arts

4. Hymnal Choirs Perishing

5. Baphomental Affliction

6. As Shadows Cover

7. Cryptic Communications

8. Revolutionary Genocidal Madness

9. Disgracing the Pulpit




Lawrence Wallace – Guitars/Synths/Drum Programming

Schatz – Bass

George Loveland – Vocals

Mark Strainthorpe – Drums

Ryan Moll – Guitars

Sabel Von Blut – Additional Vocals



Rating: 9.5 out of 10




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