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Servus Obscurus was born in 2006 in the City of Bogotá, Colombia. At first it was called Hart Dark, over time it has kept the main ideal from which it was formed “make the Colombian scene to see a band with the evil force of Black Metal”. In the initial stage of the band were issued compositions such as “Majestic Satan”, “Pagan Prophecy”, “Satan’s Chalice” and “Servants & Victory”, which prompted the recording of a pre-demo in late November of 2007 called “Majestic Satan”, titled like this to honor the band ́s first composition and to honor the king of darkness. Despite several lineup changes through time, Abaddon Artillery (Drums) is the only active fighter that has undertaken the responsibility to maintain and prosecute the project, achieving to show day-by-day a raw black metal mixed with the old school ́s speed. Leonardo Reyes (Guitars & Vocals – 2007/2009) and Aloqua (Bass – 2007/2008) participated in the initial stage of the band.



In 2009, after several auditions, the band assembled a lineup with experienced musicians, which acknowledged the challenge of finding a new “air” in the band ́s line. The infernal rows were filled with Lord Mantus (Vocals) and Dingir Xul (Lead Guitar), completing a devastating alignment that issued compositions such as “My Worst Enemy”, “Lascivian Paranoia”, “Engendro Abismal”, “Goat ‘ s Morbidity” and “Servus Obscurus”. These were the result of a composition process that incorporated the style of the new members and lyrics focused on dark, brought from hell.



In the year 2010 is presented, to honor the Blasphemer cult, a Promotional Demo entitled “Majestic Satan-The Return of The Beast”, characterized for having a fast sound, full of hatred, blasphemy and a complete abhorrence to christian, catholic and derivations pests. The year 2011 brought the recording of an EP called “The Goat’s Morbidity”, which included 3 infernal tracks: “Whispers of Perversion”, “The Goat’s Morbidity”, and “Infernal Marshall”. After the recording of these two works Beleth (Bass 2008-2011) leaves the band, being replaced by an experienced musician member of brotherly hordes, Xaphan (Bass).



In mid-2011 after several live performances, the band had the idea of improving the composition ́s harmonies, so the incorporation of a second guitar for rhythmic support for the former and future compositions was decided. The process yields an experienced guitarist with the character to be part of the band ́s infernal rows, Ghoul (Guitar) is chosen, and it rapidly aligns to the compositions that will be issued in Servus Obscurus ́ first album, a work which has not yet been titled, which includes new and raw litanies that will devastate this world with hellish riffs inspired by the underworld.



Servus Obscurus has participated in various events around Colombia, being present in places like Medellín, Envigado, Caldas (Rio Sucio), Villavicencio, Chia, among others, achieving the dissemination of infernal litanies.



¡¡¡Gloriam Satana!!!

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