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Sercati’s story began in 2009, after a recording session between Steve, Damien & Nico. Songs were created and recorded for a half a year before a first demo, simply called « Sercati », was made. The second, « The Night Stalker », was recorded a little while after.


Thanks to Carlo Bellotti Publishing, who found an amazing sound engineer for the recording and a label, Casket Music (Copro records), to produce « Tales Of The Fallen ».


For the recording of the album, the band needed a real drummer instead of the rythmbox used before. That is how, in November, Yannick, a good friend of the band, joined them. Still, the whole band thinks that the best pieces are yet to come.


Early 2012, the band left Casket Music to sign with a Serbian label, Grom Records, to re-release the first album and produce a second one. Steve is sponsored by the strings Skull Strings and picks from Nologo Picks. And it’s in June 2013 that Nicolas left the band and the other members say welcome to Florian and later in 2014, Olivier Clément comes to play guitar in Sercati. Florian left the band few months later and finally Simon join the band in December 2014.


The Story

The history told in the album “Tales of the fallen (part I)” let us follow the epopee of an angel which decides to go down from the paradise in order to gain its humanity and its own existence. It will have to face disappointments and discoveries but also to find its niche in the middle of the men, to understand them and understand itself. He discovers the share of kindness in them but also the suffering as much feels. The angel feels that as a deep imbalance in the balance of the good and the evil. This awakening pushes it to help humanity in her search of balance. For him, it is also a question of gaining its redemption. He finds his niche while becoming like a guard: The Nightstalker.


In the second album, “Tales of the fallen (part 2) – The Rise of the Nightstalker”, with follow the battle between The Nightstalker and The Hound from Hell, a soldier sent by Lucifer against him. The fight between the two characters changes the mind of the hero and his way to see the world. We follow his doubt, his hidden fight with his faith and finally the Rise of The Nightstalker. The two albums is a continued story.


Two books were written after the albums: “Le journal du Nightstalker” (Volume 1 and 2) and another group has emerged in parallel with Sercati: The Nightstalker. In this project, Steve speaks of another part of the story, and goes deeper into the universe, and the spirit of the character.


Around the universe of The Nightstalker

Steve has also written and published in “The Book Edition.” The book tells the story of “Tales of the Fallen part I” saw the character, and goes further into the story by revealing many secondary characters and a story followed by more complete.


Another band called « The Nightstalker » with Steve tells another part of the story. The band released two albums under Wolfshade records.




Steve Fabry: Bass – Vocal

Steve Fabry was born the 29th of April 1985, in Verviers. He always lived with music, as his father was a sound engineer, and he had drums lessens from 6 to 9. He also learns, with a teacher, the piano in the « Conservatoire de Liège » but stops when he is eleven. Then he begins to play the guitar, but only one year, and by himself. Last but not least, he learns violin during six months but stops six months after. He falls in love with the bass guitar when he is fifteen and play with a band for the very first time at that age. He plays in twenty bands during the following years and tries Black Metal for the first time with the band Ooirim. Now he plays in « The Nightstalker », solo project relative to Sercati, « Rose Noire », a solo jazz-project,”Berliiine”, and of course « Sercati ».


Yannick Martin: Drums – Acoustic Guitar

Yannick Martin was born on December the 4th, 1985 in Verviers. He’s working as a teacher. He started music when he was about 6 – 7 years old (music theory, trumpet) and turn toward drums at the age of 14. He also learned guitar by himself. Yannick met Steve at school and had his first band with him. After that, he formed different prog-rock bands. He’s joined Sercati by the end of 2009. In parallel he does also play in Berliiine (experimental).


Olivier Clément: Guitar

Born on June 14th, 1985 in Liège, Olivier begins the bass at the age of 12. It’s at his 17 years when he preferred to turn to the guitar which he did not leave any more since then. He had some projects of which 10 years later, Coliseum (trash-black-gladiator metal) in whom, he met Florian Hardy and Steve Fabry, and he joins Sercati. Olivier Clément plays at present in Wondjina ( punk metal) Coliseum and Sercati.


Simon Charlier: Guitare

Simon Charlier was born on September 14th on Alron. I started to play guitar at the age of 7 in the Academy and he discovered that he would like to work like a guitar teacher. He had some projects like 4 Watt. He found Sercati because they were looking for a guitar player. And after few repetitions, he became the new guitar player.




Démo: Sercati (out 01/11/2008)

The Nightstalker (out 01/04/2009)

Album: Tales of the fallen (out 24/10/2011)

Re-release under Grom records of Tales of the Fallen (December 2013)

The Rise of The Nightstalker (out 21/05/2014)

In the shadows of sidewalks (out 05/05/2015)



– Tales of the fallen part 1







– Tales of the fallen part 2








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