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Serapheum is a Blackened Death Metal band from the United States. This is their self titled album from 2012. In which the recording of this album is very well produced. I like to be able to hear the music and vocals so good job on this. I really don’t like when ya hear an album with poor recording. These guys definitely know what they are doing.


The guitars and bass have great sound. Very loud for extreme metal but not over powering so you can’t hear the other instruments or vocals. The Drums are powerful in this album as well. Not chopped or generic. You also can hear keyboards in the album, which a little keyboards in with extreme metal to me makes it even better. It gives it the eerie horror sound. And of course the vocals in the album is great. It’s a scream voice but not winy. If you haven’t checked these guys definitely do so. You can find them on facebook or bandcamp. I cannot wait to hear what there next album has in store for us.




1. Procession ov the Necropantheon

2. Curse ov Serapheum

3. Blood God

4. Secrets ov the Dead

5. At the Mountains ov Madness

6. The Avatar ov Abstract Horrors

7. Whispers in the Darkness




Josh – Bass

Chris Sebastian – Drums

Nick – Guitars/Keyboards

Corey – Vocals



Rating: 9 out 10


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