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Secrets She Kept
“La Fin Absolute du Monde”

Secrets She Kept - La fin absolue du monde

Secrets She Kept is a black metal band from Gainesville, Florida. When you first hear this band with the track Legion 666 you are pretty much hooked. The riffs are very well written and the drumming is really fast that you will start banging your head. The vocals aren’t those really “screamy” type but just enough to make you love this band. The are an awesome band and I cant really say which songs I like the best but there are certain tracks that do stick out. Now do be alarmed just because the album name isn’t in English doesn’t mean the rest of is all foreign. That is the only track title that is in another language. But you cannot get any better than this with songs such as Flesh Eater and Undying. I definitely recommend this band to all you Black Metal fans out there.



1. Legion

2. Carrion Soul

3. Enemy

4. Fucking Christ

5. FleshEater

6. The Messiah of Pus and Bleeding Excrement

7. La fin absolue du monde

8. A Wolf for Every Womb

9. Undying



Necrol – Vocals/Guitars

D. Judas – Bass

Mike Heller – Drums


Rating: 9 out 10


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