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“Symphonies of Eternal Suffering and Damnation” The 3 track demo was self-released the same year with Necrol playing all instruments and doing all vocals. The demo was generally well received and given great reviews in such publications as Terrorizer, Unrestrained, and BW&BK magazines.  The next 2 years would be spent searching for suitable members to begin playing live




“Requiems to Midnight, Woe”. In early ’05 Necrol began working on the full length Still being the sole member, all instruments and vocals were again performed by himself. In Later 2005 Shortly after the recording members were found. Secrets She Kept released the “Requiems…” album through Morbid Souls Music, and with a full lineup, and began performing live.



2006 – 2008:

During this time Secrets She Kept performed in the bands home state of Florida and set out on numerous DIY tours across the US and Mexico in support of the “Requiems”record. The band would also find itself sharing the stage with national and international acts such as Dark Funeral Enslaved, 1349, Goatwhore, Monstrosity,Diabolic, Averse Sefira, Destruction, Ceremonial Castings, Horna, Nachtmystium, etc. During these years writing had also begun for the bands next effort “La Fin Absolue du Monde”.




In late February/early March of ’09 Secrets She Kept went into Hollow Studio (Abigail Williams, SWWAATS) in NY to record their second full CD “La Fin Absolue du Monde”. The album was recorded in 2 weeks time and would be the first release from the band that Necrol would not be performing all instruments. Performance credits being Necrol Vocals/guitars, D. Judas – Bass, and Mike Heller on drums. Production of the disc was handle by Producer Joe Hollow and The Mastering was done by Guitarist Legend James Murphy ( Obituary, Death, Testament ) with the recording of the bands 2nd full CD finished and ready to be released Necrol found himself as only active member in the band again.




Las Fin Absolue Du Monde” After a long awaited time the bands second full CD is released October 14 2010 on Metal Messiah Records


Secrets She Kept - La fin absolue du monde

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