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Schattenfang is a Raw/Depressive black metal band from Germany. Yep, we’ve all heard what DSBM has to offer yet these guys are a little different. The intro is very cool, with rain and a cool riff that builds up. “Kalt” reminds me a lot of old Burzum, and it is very awesome. “Mentale Disharmonie” begins with a another very cool riff, then Immediately starts a cool tremolo picking part and that pretty much continues for the whole song, but there are some cool changes too. By this point I wouldn’t call them depressive black metal very much… They claim to be raw/depressive black metal, I don’t think I would call them “raw”… maybe somewhat depressive. The LLN bands were raw. Moonblood was raw. This sounds like it could have been done in a studio. That’s my only gripe with these guys. Don’t call yourself “raw” when you’re clearly not. Aside from that, these guys kick ass! Very good riffing that reminds me of early Burzum. The vocals are good as well. The guitars should be higher in the mix, in my opinion. I am interested in what these guys will release next.



1. Intro

2. Kalt

3. Mentale Disharmonie

4. …Vom Grabentod

5. Des Herbstes Schatten

6. Blut im Schnee (Demo “Vom Abgrund” 2010)

7. Kalt (Demo “Vom Abgrund” 2010)

8. Hopeless Hatefull (Demo “Vom Abgrund” 2010)

9. Des Herbstes Schatten



Invidia – Drums

Eligos – Guitars

Todesschrei – Vocals

Ragnar Seelenzorn – Bass/Vocals

Desiderius – Guitars


Rating: 7 out of 10


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