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We was founded in Winter 2010 by Todesschrei (voc.)  & Selvmord (bass&2.voc.) in Erfurt under an other name. The rest of the band was changing for a while. To this Time first Songs like “Blut im Schnee” and “Kalt” were born.

In January of 2011 I (Ex-Drummer of Schratentanz and other Projects) and the second Guitar player Mologo (Ex-member of Clean Cut) joined the band, the first guitar was played by a very good player called Phill. To this time Schattenfang as you know was born. The working-together-progress was unbelievable! after a short time we recreate “kalt” in a new style (the actual) and wrote “hopeless hateful”, witch was the first take of the “mental disharmonie” from the upcoming album.

In Spring we recorded these first two Songs in our exercise-room & send them out to some friends as an mini demo-CD “vom abgrund” and the internet as rehearsals.

In December 2011 we get a Place in the satanic empire Studios from Desiderius (guitar player of Dark Armageddon) and recorded our album with 5 Tracks. this will be called “Abgründe”
the tracklist will be:
3-Mentale Disharmonie
4-Vom Grabentod
5-Des Herbstes Schatten [für Hela]
after these recordings Phil left us because of musically differences & desiderius offer us to take the place of him to help us. That was a great honor and we hope that these collaboration will be alive for a while.

For now we are planing new songs (2 new pieces will be in the next live-set!) and get a few offers to make a split album, for example from niemalsland. For now its still in mixing progress, but i get a message from the mixer that may we can finish that to the upcoming  Tuesday.

After making a bit promotion,we can luckily get a place on the local-festival “riedfest” and a place as a support band for Bethlehem.

A tour is not planned for now,but we are looking for gigs for sure every time.

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