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Savage Annihilation

Cannibalisme, Heresie et autres sauvageries”


Savage Annihilation - Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries

This album is old school sounding death metal at its most gruesome. The song titles and lyrics are both in French so I have no clue what they are singing. The guitar and drums were enjoyable though for the most part. It was definitely brutal from start to finish. Low guttural growls amongst pounding drums and churning guitars. If you speak French or just don’t mind not understanding the words (although I think the vocals would still be undecipherable even in English) then check this out. This is for hardcore fans of brutal death metal.




1. … Et l’annihilation commence

2. Dépeuplez ce monde de vermines

3. Les catacombes de l’abomination Pt.1

4. Les catacombes de l’abomination Pt.2

5. Dévoré par l’humanité

6. La marche des exhumés

7. … Dans un océan de putridité

8. En état de décomposition

9. Le soulèvement

10. Ouvrez la tombe des assoiffés de sang




Dave – Guitars/Vocals

Mike – Drums

Ara – Bass



Rating: 7 out of 10


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