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Since 1991, Satyricon has been an important factor in the Norwegian black metal scene. Dodging the controversy that their country’s fellow bands have attracted Satyricon has maintained a consistent flow of solid artistic black metal for over twenty years. At the core of the band since 1993 has been Satyr on guitar, bass, and vocals, and the legendary Frost on drums. Satyricon’s self-titled 2013 album is yet another highly successful record of melodic hard rock infused black metal. Satyricon has always tested the boundaries of black metal with elements of hard rock that have pushed the band into stratospheres that other bands in the genre could not pull off as perfectly as the mastermind Satyr. Always catchy, tricky, and heavy Satyr has always created some of the most memorable black metal guitar riffs ever conceived. His play style of merging groovy riffs with wispy somber clean moments is pure gold and Satyr does it in a way that only a true black metal master can pull off. This type of playing is not only difficult; it is nearly impossible to pull off well, and Satyr has been a master for the last two decades. Satyr shows his incredible vocal ability on the song Phoenix by leaving the genre entirely and clanging over to almost a goth rock manner of playing and flawless clean singing. But, the next songs jump right back to the groove heavy black metal that has made Satyricon the standout band they are. This album is a driving, solemn, and methodical experience. The most outstanding song on the album has to be the nearly eight minute epic titled The Infinity Of Time And Space. It is a song that truly defines everything about the band Satyricon and why they are one of Norway’s premier black metal bands and have been for the last twenty years. This record is easily one of Satyricon’s and one of the best black metal albums of 2013. A true work of art and genius. But from this great band, we would expect nothing less.




1. Voice of Shadows

2. Tro of Kraft

3.Our World, It Rumbles Tonight

4. Nocturnal Flare

5. Phoenix

6. Walker Upon the Wind

7. Nekrohaven

8. Ageless Northern Spirit

9. The Infinity of Time and Space

10. Natt




Satyr – Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards/Bass

Frost – Drums



Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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