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Summon: How did the band get started?

Paul: The band got started back in 87. We released a demo called ripping evil which did very well in the underground. Did a few shows, then we had some personal problems and ended the band in late 89. I started up another band called Bathym in 90, more of a thrash death band. Did a demon called Into Darkness, also a 7″ called Demonic Force. Same story, had some personal problems within the band, that also ended. Late 93 I decided I wanted to try conjuring up Sathanas again. So I reformed the band, had some member changes throughout the years. My bass player has been in the bad now for 19 years. My drummer has been with us for 7 year, still going strong.


Summon: What kind of music do you play?

Paul: We play extreme Black death metal.



Summon: How has the fan response been?
Paul: Getting better every year. I think cause we are more less veterans in the underground metal scene. We get a respect that we kept it going all these years. We got a killer response touring Europe. Look forward to going back soon.



Summon: Where did the band name come from?
Paul: My original vocalist came up with it. It’s Greek for Satan, but I think he heard it from the movie Evil Speak. They chant it in the movie.


Summon: Introduce the band members and what they do in the band.

Paul: On bass theres Bill Davidson. On drums theres Jim Strauss(ex Acheron) member and myself Paul Tucker on guitar and vocals.

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Summon: Who writes the music? Lyrics?

Paul: I write the lyrics and music.


Summon: And where do the lyric ideas come from?

Paul: From thoughts, I get ideas write them down. Certain movies or books I get ideas, whatever sounds good to me. No specific idea, they just turn out being more sinister in the end.



Summon: What is your view in Satanism and Occultism?

Paul: Satanism to me is more of an individual force, making your own path in life. Without relying on faith or prayer to get what you need. Occultism is a combination of forces in nature and darker unseen forces in which elements can take from the earth and beyond what we know.



Summon: How many albums/CD’s have you released?

Paul: We have released 8 full length CD’s, 2 MCD’s, few LP’s and some demos. And more to come.



Summon: Tell me about some the songs on the latest CD?

Paul: Songs like Engraved in the book of death- talks about ones faith in a god that does nothing for him. So he ends up signing his soul away to Satan, another If Battle of Bewitchment-reflects on the black metal scene today. How every band is trying to be more evil than the other. When we are all just in one legion. Most of the songs on LA HORA DE LUCIFER(the hour of Lucifer) are all in subject of Satan, Blasphemy, hatred and chaos..thats what Sathanas is all about!!!


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Summon: Do you have any side projects?

Paul: I had a side project called Eternal Eclipse, but got pushed to the side for while till I get time to do it. I also want to do a project with my son on drums. Hopefully in the near future, he’s an amazing drummer.



Summon: Who are some of your musical influences?

Paul: The old classics. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper. Then later bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden so forth. Till I heard the band Venom, then I knew what I wanted to play hahaha.



Summon: Which current bands?

Paul: Wow too many!! Some I listen now are Dark Funeral, Watain, Nunslaughter, Suffocation, and thousand more.



Summon: What is the band like when you play live?

Paul: Loud aggressive!! We try to get into what we play. Feel the energy of the music and the crowd. Power of dark metal!!!



Summon: Have you guys ever played in another country?

Paul: We toured Europe 3 times so far. We been to Germany, Holland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, France, England, Prague, Belgium, Hungary and Poland!


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Summon: How big of crowd shows up at shows usually?

Paul: In Europe the crowds are great. Our biggest crowds were in Poland and Paris. but they were all killer crowds!



Summon: How is the crowd response when you play?

Paul: In Europe awesome!!! In USA okay, people here don’t get into the music like in Europe. They kind of stand back.



Summon: What do you think of the US Black Metal/Death Metal scene?

Paul: It’s not bad, theres a lot more bands today. Need to get more clubs for metal, that’s why the scene is terrible in USA I think.



Summon: What do you think of the Overseas scenes?

Paul: Like i said cant beat Europe, total metalheads!!! support for Sathanas!!



Summon: What are some of new favorite black metal/death metal bands?

Paul: At the moment Dark Funeral. I don’t really listen to a lot of bands. We just recorded a new track for 7″ released with Spawn of Satan to be released on Hellsheadbanger Records. When I write or record I try to just concentrate on Sathanas on music.



Summon: When do you guys plan on writing any new material?

Paul: Hahah writing one now for next 7″ release. I already wrote the next Sathanas album, but have to wait to record it late summer.



Summon: What does the future hold for the band??






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