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US Black Metal duo, Satani Infernalis are all set to launch their next full length titled Death Posture. But before the audience can get a full piece of the action, they’ve released a promo of the album which contains 5 tracks from the album. This band has been around since 2002 and has 2 full lengths and 2 EP’s to its credit.

The album kicks off with ‘Infernal Infantry’, which is a chaotic black metal track that sports influences from the second wave of black metal. The riffs are dissonant and to a small extent disjointed as well. But they achieve their purpose of creating a sound that is rabid and satanic. Somewhere in the guitar work of Dantalian, there are traces of influence from traditional heavy metal as well.

Dantalian also handles the vocals and bass on this band while Omen lays down the beats on the drum kit. Vocals are the typical black metal kind with a lot of reverb infused into them. The album sports a strong bass section, the thick tone of which, forms a dark brooding atmosphere over the chaotic guitar work and drumming.

Coming to the drumming part, Omen handles his forte with élan. He seems to have a big crush on those cymbals as cymbal crashes form a predominant part of the drumming on this record. The songs are mid tempos black metal tracks that occasionally wander into the hyper blast sections. Such changes are made to sound quite natural by this duo.

The rough production and mixing are not surprising as this is the sort of production that is expected from a black metal band. Although, I feel that they could have toned down the reverb on the vocals just a tad bit, so that the vocals sound more powerful and a little less atmospheric.

The only problem with this EP might be the fact that it does not exactly feel like a very new album. The compositions sound like every other black metal band that reveres the great ones from Norway. That being said, the tight performances are the saving grace of this EP and the delivery alone makes the EP worth quite a few spins. Raw abrasive black metal worship is what Death Posture EP offers and if that appeals to you do pick up the full length when it comes out.


1. Fucking War!

2. Infernal Infantry

3. Places of Plagues

4. Mental Slavery

5. Darkness Falls

6. Death Posture


Omen – Drums

Dantalian – Vocals/Guitars/Bass

Rating: 6 out of 10

~Satan Spawn

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