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Flagellation of a Saint”


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Sarratum’s 2nd full length, Flagellation of a Saint didn’t impress me. They play typical raw black metal but doesn’t have that spike that makes you wanna listen to it again. To be fair,it has it’s moments,it has some very nice riffs and ideas but they are all around the place in an almost an hour long album. I surely shows that they put some work to create this piece of music but the only thing that puts it just above the average BM album is some cool ideas thrown here and there.




1. Intro

2. The Chant of Your Grave

3. Decial

4. The Moon

5. Beyond the Helios

6. The Eternity of Fire

7. In the Circle

8. The Flagellation Path

9. Tormented Soul

10. God of Sinners

11. Outro




Sarrum – Everything

Martin Ciappara -Drums


*The band has since broken up*



Rating: 6 out of 10


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