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Diabolic Gnosis”


Sanguinary Misanthropia - Diabolic Gnosis

Sanguinary Misanthropia is a black metal band from Australia. When I hear the first song, “A Glimpse of the Image of Lucifer Gleaming Beyond the Subterraneous Black Sun” I just hear sloppy-ish blast-beats and really annoying riffs at first. Around the two minute mark it starts to sound better but then it gets worse again. I’m not one to diss bands very much but these guys kind of… well, don’t really sound too good in my opinion.(judging by this release) The slower parts are very cool on the other hand. Too bad they are short lived. I mean, I know it’s supposed to be “Gnostic Chaos” and all but I really find a lot of these riffs to be annoying. For one, there are like a million riffs scattered throughout each song. I would consider this a mediocre release. Most bands you think… “ahha! Burzum worship!” or “Darkthrone worship!” or “Emperor worship!” but I fail to hear anything even remotely similar in this band, which is a good thing, you would think… I hear a lot of death metal elements in this release. It almost sounds as if they are trying too hard or something.




1. A Glimpse of the Image of Lucifer Gleaming Beyond the Subterraneous

2. Tetraskelion

3. Mythos of Havayoth




Innominandum – Bass

Arcana – Drums

Unbeliever – Vocals/Guitars

Rating: 5 out of 10


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